Big Dipper Harry & Barbara
Big Dipper Owner Harry Rowe, Sr.

About Us

The Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlour was founded in Prospect, CT in 1986 by Harry Rowe Jr and his wife, Barbara. To learn the trade, Harry Rowe, Jr. attended Rutgers University where he studied commercial ice cream making where only 25 people get accepted per year and is considered one of the best ice cream manufacturing schools. There, Harry met ice cream makers from all over the world to perfect his trade. Harry learned that the secret of fine ice cream does not come from a book, it comes from the heart and the love for the ice cream trade. The original store was located at 52 Waterbury Road and is now located at 91 Waterbury Road, Prospect.
Now operated by son Harry Rowe, III and mom Barbara, The Big Dipper still continues the tradition with over 50 flavors and countless awards from the National Ice Cream and Yogurts Retails Association. It has also been voted Best Ice Cream from the Waterbury Observer for the past 20 years. The Big Dipper homestyle ice cream is freshly made on the premises in small batches to ensure the finest product is delivered from local dairies.  The Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlour has ample indoor seating plus an outdoor area to enjoy the best ice cream in the nation. 
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