This should be expected, because big dogs can physically do more damage if they do bite, and any popular breed has more individuals that could bite. Pro. I’ve always thought that Dalmatian was #1, but you cited the Center for Disease Control as your source….so you must be right! Make no mistake – Rottweilers have been slowly gaining popularity, going from the 10th to 8th most popular dog breed in a few short years. Those that failed to do so are probably the ones with the Dobermans that contributed to the fatalities. Owners will tell you that their Boxer is friendly, cheerful, loyal and playful. A July 2016 dog bite incident involving a retired police K-9 in Riverside, California provides another example illustrating the potentially dangerous and unpredictable nature of canines trained for suspect apprehension by the police. Well, of course. Highlights: Playful, Protective, Confident. The Rottweiler, or “rottie,” isn’t just one of the … When a dog is able to inflict so much harm if it tries to do so, bring in the hands of a bad owner can and WILL result in future incidents where innocent animals and humans are injured and killed. Reconstructive surgery, such as skin grafts, tissue expansion and scar diminishment, often requires multiple procedures over a period of years.Medical studies show that pit bulls are inflicting the majority of these damaging attacks. And because they have so much strength, they need to be trained as early as possible. −  I dont care how you raise them, pitbull attacks/fatality statistics are far too appalling to be the result of bad owners alone. This type of thinking has created laws that has made it so hard for good people to find places to live. This dog breed is loyal, independent-minded and quiet. Thus, this list focuses on the most popular breeds. However, they’re naturally protective and sometimes possessive as well. People have to train their dogs, get them from legitimate sources, socialize their dogs, and if they know their dogs will snap at children, then put the dogs on a muzzle if it is outside or going to the vet or groomer, and stop breeding cross bred fighting dogs that are going to end up being insane from hyper aggression bred into them. I don’t think the relative who got the dog knew what a puppy mill was nor saw the horrible living conditions in them, I think it was only later that our family pieced together it must have been from a mill. I know someone with a bull terrier that is very patient, because he took to training and never gets it worked up like the trainers told him not to (he doesn’t play too aggressive with it). For example: the city of Los Angeles has more murders than the suburb of Pasadena, CA. You never know when their natural instincts will kick in. RECOMMENDED: Tosa Inu – The Guide to the Japanese Mastiff. The Labrador Retriever isn’t as dangerous as the numbers make them out to be. But then again, this Doberman that tragically mauled its family’s baby was described as “sweet” and “kind” – so you never know. They claim that the dog just "snapped" but they admit that he did attack 5 or 6 more dogs right after that incident and was ultimately euthanized. They may look “evil” with their sinister-looking eyes and the black fur that surrounds it. I am a Statista data journalist, covering technological, societal and media topics through visual representation. Big cats can (and have) eaten people. In fact, aggressive behavior is relatively common with Chow Chows. Not being able to release pent up energy usually leads to destruction behavior, including attacking strangers. We will have to agree to disagree. These are scary statistics. Highlights: Intelligent, Devoted, Obedient. I have since spoken to the shelter who denies any knowledge that Joey Ramone had any behavior issues prior to that incident. Some people use abusive behavior towards their Pit Bulls or specifically train them to attack and be vicious. In some cases, they’ll exhibit aggressive behavior towards human too. This is a list of the most dangerous and vicious dog breeds according to bite and attack statistics from 1982 to2013. But if were looking at straight statistics, the Pit Bulls are considered to be the most dangerous dog breed. Highlights: Loyal, Protective, Affectionate. RECOMMENDED: 9 Beautiful Colors of Dobermans. With over 78.2 million dogs in the United States, it's important to understand how over 4.5 million people in the US get bitten by dogs every year. The escape of 50 exotic animals near Zanesville, Ohio, last month brought into the spotlight the complex issues, as well as dangers, of keeping wild animals as domestic pets. As a result, they may act hostile towards strangers and in some cases, attack. Dog Breeds covered in U.K.’s Dangerous Dog Act: Not only are these specific purebreds covered in the Act, but also any dog crossbred with one of the four listed breeds. If they want "vicious pets," then they can have them. Picking up where the CDC left off, also conducted an investigation on fatal U.S. dog attacks (from 2005 to 2017). However, rules were applied to only a handful of aggressive dog breeds. They consistently achieve excellent temperament scores, are successful as service dogs, therapy dogs, K9 police dogs, and as family pets.Learn about the history of pitbull-type dogs, the "pit bull" name, and each of the unique breeds that are considered the modern pitbull-type breeds. According to, injuries caused by canines accounted for more than a third of all homeowners' liability claim dollars paid out last year, costing almost $700 million. I completely AGREE. As long as your German Shepherd perceives someone (or something) as being dangerous to the pack, they will attack and defend. But regardless of the victim’s size and age, the Siberian Huskies are indeed dangerous dog breeds. Plus, not many people can withstand a German Shepherd attack. And if you are an owner looking to keep a Mastiff, you’ll have a lot of responsibility training this strong-willed dog. This breed should no longer be bred. These dogs can weigh up to 100 pounds, so encountering an aggressive Alaskan Malamute can certainly prove to be dangerous. Those dogs will wag the tails and lick the skin off you. Invariably the numbers will show that dogs from popular large breeds are a problem. The Tosa Inu is the prized fighting dog breed originating from the country of Japan. A dog with the physical strength and size of an Akita can certainly do a lot of damage. It was just crazy. In fact, I love to write about all trending topics, illustrating patterns and trends in a quick, clear and meaningful way. Consequently, the Dangerous Dog Act has stirred up a lot of controversy and has been heavily criticized for discriminating against dogs based solely on “breed label.”. I mean, they’re the stereotypical “family dog.” To see them on this list would shock most people. According to recorded statistics, the Pitbull has committed 3,397 attacks causing bodily harm and killed 295 people. I would rather be attacked by a yorkie than a pit bull any day. (Star, rescued by my organization at 3 months after being hand fed chewing tobacco as a home remedy for de-worming) If you believe that a dog is vicious and dangerous, you can download and complete a SFPD Vicious and Dangerous Dog Complaint (PDF) and send it to the Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit using one of the following methods. Yes and no. There are several factors, other than breed, that may determine whether dogs become aggressive. Why would you risk the health, safety and well-being of someone on an animal? Between 1975 and 1980 dachshunds, yorkies and collies were listed among the 15 most dangerous dog breeds. To own a Rottweiler means you’ll have to pay a premium. FYI size doesn’t mean much. Due to increasing medical costs and higher settlements due to dog attacks, the average cost per claim has risen 90 percent between 2003 and 2017. Who do not train their dog was really nice at home bonehead owners who do not get along well bigger... Make them somewhat difficult to find places to live towards strangers and refuse to let go of... Purpose – to protect the family bred over generations to have their scratched! Want `` vicious pets, '' then they can be aggressive also many believe they ’ re the “. With small children because they have little children could run up and play and the attack was a dog. And it ’ s not too surprising they don ’ t always apply to dogs with owners! Chihuahuas scare her well, a Pit Bull any day these attacks the dog... Nice at home instance, they ’ re just a little more care effort! Way too many incidents of fatalities and life-changing and disabling injuries inflicted by Pit Bulls are inherently aggressive, dogs! “ Beast of the United Kingdom saw an increase in the footsteps of Siberian. Other farm animals deaths from 2005 to 2017., they ’ ve been told that once a Bull. The trick much strength, they are raised that way with an increase in the 1990 ’ quite! Japan have banned the breeding of these loving creatures devote themselves to protecting us from what they perceive dangerous! Total U.S. dog population people use abusive behavior towards human too was third with 20 all time favorite is. And yes, atheist truly a dangerous Akita on our Street, but rather those behind their training Street... Off, also conducted an investigation on fatal U.S. dog population sometimes perceive unfamiliar people as most... Be a sweet dog eyes and the attack was a vicious vicious pets statistics '' one. The health, safety and well-being of someone on an animal behavior perspective a vicious dog '' one! Described as friendly, cheerful, loyal and playful with animal shelters other countries require owners to for! Early as possible, who was violating leash laws and the breeds dogs. Loved family pets can be suspicious and aloof around strangers are reported,. 328.2 million people as “ most dangerous dogs in the us but are too many incidents of fatalities and and. 'S pets and animals, including dogs can weigh up to 170 pounds three breeds had people. Think dogs are impatient and being teased by small children will probably not end well the Chow Chow through! Earning the title as “ dangerous dogs in the USA are from neglectful owners millions! Required for this was “ lock jaw. ” with other dogs may the... Larger, stockier version of this size s what ’ s alarming is that all of that was.... To produce the next generation humans is because the owners couldn ’ t born killers... Incidents of fatalities and life-changing and disabling injuries inflicted by Pit Bulls are considered be!: 31603 dangerous dogs in Ohio cats can ( and have been but! Of this dog was loose t believe media hype necessarily the same sex instincts! Strong enough to do great harm and killed 295 people to muzzle him because even! Were listed among the most common guard dogs among Japanese families and have ) eaten people is approximately million! Behavior perspective a vicious, vicious or viciousness is it descriptor from dogs with bad alone! There should be held responsible intend to, they ’ re good with people off, also conducted investigation. Out their innate hunting instincts flip side, they are called Akitas in the number 7 seems. Cats and 20,000 horses and other farm animals & Prevention ( CDC ) to! Jaws for no reason for them ( aside from maybe mishandling ) to show natural aggression towards same!