Characters from both feature-length and short animated productions are included on this list. And it has been bestowed consistently on little boys for ages. 29 Classic Disney Cat Names. If you make a list of sexy cartoon characters, this poisons lady can compete anyone. 101 Disney trivia questions and answers:. Amos Slade is the name of the antagonist in the movie “The Fox and the Hound”. We all love Disney. Coldplay’s Will Champion named his son Rex. You’ll find a treasure trove of lovely and unique baby names if you dig deep into Disney films. Louis means ‘renowned warrior’. Name Character; … All rights reserved. Ariel- The Little Mermaid. Pascal is a French name, meaning ‘born during Easter’. And, when you think of prince charming, you cannot miss Disney! 1. So this was our list of the top 50 Disney names for boys! Pumbaa This well-padded warthog is a bit clumsy but more than makes up for his slow thought processes with empathy and intuition. In the 2020 live-action film, the Fa family name is changed to Hua (花) in English. There’s something stately about this name, which attracts people to it even after decades of usage. Belle- Beauty and the Beast. It can mean ‘generous, abundant, tolerant’, and even ‘prosperous’. It’s Disney’s claim to fame is none other than Prince Philip from “Sleeping Beauty”. 2. Characters from … And its ‘o’ ending is definitely another plus. By Grace Blasco | December 4, 2018. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. He is a vegetarian—kind, compassionate, and loving. Even Christina Aguilera named her son Max. The word conjures images of everyone’s favorite charming, innocent … Duke Weaselton may have been a minor character in the film “Zootopia”, but his moniker is indeed strong and would make a fresh alternative to the common one-syllable name, Jack. Elsa 9. Elsa- Frozen. Fox Xanatos. Kristoff. Long before Gus from “The Fault in our Stars”became famous, it was Cinderella’s mouse friend who made us fall in love with this name. Robert is the real name of “Mr. All characters on this list are human (though don't pretend you never had a tiny crush on the Tramp or Simba. Walt Disney died 50 years ago, on December 15, 1966, at the age of 65. Arlo, the name of the protagonist and young Apatosaurus in the movie “The Good Dinosaur”, is an adorable naming option for a baby boy. "Donna" in Italian is also the equivalent of "Don," a title Donald takes in the film's title. From Amos to Sebastian, MomJunction has scoured through hundreds of Male Disney character names to come up with the 50 cutest Disney inspired boy names. Pete isn’t a villain per se, because, despite his perceived villainy towards Mickey Mouse and his friends, there are times when his pleasant and helpful nature shines through. We totally love Olaf. This common English name may have languished a bit in usage, but still holds its own of the naming charts. The association might not be a very pleasant one, but the name is. Today, … But this shouldn’t stop you from giving this name to your child. Now that shows how much people loved Olaf. Baby names from Disney films can summon up positive memories. And Stefan Salvatore, a character in Paul Wesley’s television series, “The Vampire Diaries” made it even more popular. Characters … Michael from “Peter Pan” or Michael from “Mary Poppins”? The name is of French origin and means ‘redhead’. Mickey Mouse. Originally, Olaf is a Scandinavian name, meaning ‘ancestor’s relic’. Incredible” in “The Incredibles”. The name is the vernacular form of Randolph, meaning ‘wolf shield’. And the ‘X’ end makes it sound trendy. He is popular among children of all ages. Get the lowdown on thousands of baby names right here — including meanings, origins, namesakes, celebrity babies, and Disney characters who share the same name. If you’re a princess enthusiast, you might want to go with something like “Tiana” or “Jasmine.” And if you’re looking for something a little different, “Megara” or “Lilo” might be more your style. These Disney character baby names come from classic films as well as more recent movies. The name has a boyish charm that appeals to parents, who are looking for a short and cute name for their son. 6. avg. 2. He is the cunning British master spy. Disney cat names are great for those of us who grew up watching Disney movies. Its association with Arlo Guthrie, the shaggy singer, gives this name a cheery and animated feel. Cinderella- Cinderella. The division is based at the Walt Disney Studios and is the main producer of live-action feature films within the The Walt Disney Studios unit. Imelda. He is the dashing prince who falls head over heels for Ariel. (Mr.) Incredible. ENTERTAINMENT AVG SCORE: 83% 30.5K PLAYS By: Staff. Kristoff is a Scandinavian baby name meaning ‘bearer of Christ’. Take a look! Before breaking into feature-length animated films, the company specialized in animated shorts (such as "Luxo Jr.," which gave rise to the studio's now-familiar desk lamp logo.) Help us determine the final order of this list by voting for your favorite characters so far! A complete list of every movie Disney has ever produced or helped produce. Forget a baby book of names. Answer: 1955. … Cleo, Nala, Pascal, and 113 Other Disney Character Names Perfect For Dogs. in 2019 List received positive praise from the media for her character … Flynn is the name of Rapunzel’s love interest in the film “Tangled”. We think it’s a perfect name for traditional parents of today. Here is a rundown of the top ten hottest and cutest male characters in Disney. Anna 3. Disney characters exemplify kindness, morality, and goodness – some wonderful personality traits that every parent would want their child to have. This elegant and continental name has always featured in the US baby name list, except in 2008. This Greek name means ‘rock’. 2. Pascal is one of our most favorite Disney sidekicks. Kuzco. This A-Z Disney Character Quiz Will Reveal Which Disney Movie You Should Watch Tonight. Z. Dr. Zibaldo. Jane 11. This friendly Irish name, meaning ‘from the narrow forest’, is waiting to be discovered. Christopher, meaning ‘bearer of Christ’, is the name of the sweet little boy who befriended Winnie the Pooh in the “100 Acres Wood”. These Disney character baby names … You can get between 1 and 12 characters on each spin. Max is the name of Prince Eric’s English sheepdog in “The Little Mermaid”. Those years of watching Disney movies pay off right now. 1,030 views made by Emily Reid Trumps. Find all of your favourite Disney, Pixar, Star Wars & Marvel characters and shop a range of official merchandise from your favourite movies and TV shows. For some of us, watching The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Lady and the Tramp shaped our childhoods. Cinderella 7. A-Z Disney Characters. The meaning of Hudson is ‘Hugh’s son’. Imagine if your future child answered to the iconic name of one of your favorite Disney characters. He protects Anna and even teaches her the true meaning of love. And it sounds cool and trendy. Could there be a better option than naming your child after the little hero who loves his family tremendously and helps everyone around him? Mickey is an iconic character in the history of Disney films. The name Donald had its heyday in the 1930’s and currently ranks 377 on the popularity charts. Do let us know in the comments section. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. 9. Edna - Super Hero Costume designer. Both look and sound great in our opinion. The French name is not very common, so you can safely consider it for your baby. Hera. Cliff can either be considered a topographical name or short form of Clifford, which means ‘one who lives near the ford by the cliff’. Kirby. Pocahontas is one awesome '90s movie, as long as you forget about any of its … It is a classic name and currently stands #192. Here are a few ideas to get you started on brainstorming the perfect Disney baby name: Ariel: Main character from The Little Mermaid; Atta: Princess Atta (an ant) was in A Bug’s Life Disney Boy Names With A Touch Of Class And Tradition Bruce. How many do you know? Wilbur is the name of goofy, but friendly albatross, which helps rescuers Bianca and Bernard save the child named Cody, in the movie “Rescuers Down Under”. Through this article, we intend to acquaint you with the list of Disney characters names. Be our guest. We use cookies. Most Popular Disney Girl Names: 1. Kristoff Kristoff is a true outdoorsman. Oswald is an English name, meaning ‘divine power’. Chip, Beauty and the Beast Cute and to the point, the name “Chip” is great for dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, and even fish. It is also a popular nickname for Charles, which means ‘free man’. Either way, it will make a strong statement. [ Read: Game Of Thrones Inspired Baby Names ]. 6 Min Quiz Image: Walt Disney Pictures About This Quiz. Stefan is a variant of Stephan and means ‘crowning glory’. Sebastian is the bossy crab who does every possible thing to protect Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”. Which one did you finally choose for naming your little prince? 1 2. What more! can be found at Disney Parks around the globe, signing autographs, posing for pictures and appearing in live stage-shows. The name has climbed significantly since the release of the film and is still doing well on the charts. You can get between 1 and 12 characters … Andy is a nickname for Andrew and means ‘manly’. Characters; Activities; Parks; Store; Gallery; Simba Cheerful, feisty lion cub Simba "Just Can't Wait to Be King," but with the loss of his dad, Mufasa, his adventures take a new path. From adorable furballs to devious feline villains, films from Disney were packed with iconic cats. Luckily we’ve done the heavy lifting (and binge … Parents rarely use Chip as a first name, but you can use it as a nickname for your little prince charming. Most Popular Disney Boy Names: 1. As a name, Elliot is an Anglicization of Elias or Elijah and means ‘Jehovah is God’. Hercules. Rather, he was a hesitant antagonist, driven to villainy because of the constant disrespect he was subjected to throughout his life. If you enjoy your kitty’s wild side, you might find inspiration in this list of Disney villains. You'll find all the inspiration you'll need! Do you think there’s anything cuter than Oswald, the rabbit? Her true love is the It’s perfectly in line with the trendy names like Ash, Dash, and Cash. This French name means ‘one who pierces the valley’. Characters from your favourite Disney XD shows. Andy is a nickname for Andrew and means ‘manly’. It’s neither strange nor common.15. Sullivan, one of the most pleasant sounding names is associated with James P. Sullivan, the legendary scarer from the “Monsters University”. Break out your favorite Disney movies and binge until you find the one you can imagine cheering for at a school play or ballet recital. Please read our Disclaimer. It’s enjoying a revival as well, having returned to the top 1000 names, making it one of the fastest rising names of 2013. TMNT: As you know TMNT stands for teenage mutant ninja turtles and it’s a group, fantastic team and brave fighters. Imagine if your future child answered to the iconic name of one of your favorite Disney characters. This list of Donald Duck universe characters focuses on Disney cartoon and comics characters who typically appear with Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck, but are not related to them. 4. And,the meaning of this cool name is ‘king’. Photo credit: BEIMAGES. Amos: Amos Slade is the name of the antagonist in the movie “The Fox and the Hound”. Jasmine 12. Buzz Lightyear is a toy astronaut in the film “Toy Story”, whose name is inspired by Buzz Aldrin, the real-life astronaut. Naming your child Oaken, after the owner of ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna’ from “Frozen” would give a subtle nod to Disney. Oliver is a French name meaning ‘olive tree’. Randall, the name of the awkward monster from the movie “Monster University” is uncommon and definitely deserves a comeback. The name Rex has a regal simplicity to it. Answer: Nana. Back to School of Fun. It’s the anglicized Irish surname, meaning ‘one-eyed’ or ‘hawk-eyed’. by Emily Maharaj. don’t be bogged down by the antagonist character as the name because the meaning of Amos … Clayton sounds every bit classy and comes with nice nicknames such as Clay. The name Eric sounds prim and proper, and means ‘the ruler of all’. Plus, find Pixar dog names! That's why we alphabetized our favorite characters. Costumed versions of characters from Disney's Animated Features and shorts, TV shows, video games and rides have been appearing at Disneyland since the day it opened in 1955 and have subsequently become must-see attractions at Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Dinseyland … Phineas Phineas is always thinking up ways to squeeze more fun out of every summer day to stay entertained. Page 1 of 2. A list of great names for a little female pup! It’s the name of the adoptive father (troll) of Kristoff. These girly names would be great for your new girl dog or cat (or fish). Jasmine. Kristoff is one of the coolest Disney boy names in the world of Disney. So, MomJunction has compiled a list of 50 Disney names for girls from its cartoons and feature films. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. In terms of popularity, it currently ranks 23rd in the US. When Lightning McQueen was trapped in the Radiator Springs, Dr. Hudson took it as an opportunity to show his dominance. Eric: Eric is the male lead in the Disney film “The Little Mermaid”. Not sure where to start? score: 76 of 150 (51%) required scores: 1, 2, 77, 105, 134 list … Hans from “Frozen” is prince charming who wooed Anna. Anna Anna is the perfect fairytale character; unflappable, she is the forever optimist. D&D Beyond In the following lines, we have provided a list of Disney character names, for which it is famous across the globe. Since Disney began back in early 1923 they have made some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. Timon A hyperactive meerkat with a motor mouth is the self-proclaimed "brains of the outfit." Aurora, Sleeping Beauty “A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Manage Cookies. for those of you who are looking for a way to pick out characters made by Disney at random, I made this tool. Snow White has the honor of being the first Princess in the first Disney animated feature, paving the way for all subsequent princesses. Flounder- The Little Mermaid. Disney Know-It-Alls Will Fly Through This Quiz With No Problems Whatsoever. He is the proud owner of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the other toys. Hudson is one of the most commonly used names in America and is fast approaching the much-coveted spot on the top 100 name list. Its global reach means the characters from some of its most popular films are recognized the … Ariel 4. Jack-Jack Parr - Bob and Helen's baby son, develops a variety of powers. Boo has a vocabulary of about three words, but that doesn't stop this curious human girl from stealing Sulley's heart. If you want something different, you can go for Wilder. Nickname Laurie or Lauro will definitely perk this name. Me neither). If you are into more classical yet modern names, Bruce is your perfect choice. Quite a macho name,isn’t it? Donna's identification as an early Daisy is aided by the fact that other Disney characters, such as Goofy, were also introduced under different names (Dippy Dawg), appearances, and mannerisms. Despite being a Biblical name, James does not sound old-fashioned or outdated. We don’t know about you, but we think that would be pretty cool, so we compiled the ultimate list of Disney baby names … Duchess 8. Disney Character Name Meanings That Are Directly Referenced in Their Movies . Aurora 5. He is portrayed as a chivalrous gentleman initially, but his true nature is revealed towards the end. Violet Parr - Bob and Helen's daughter, has the power of invisibility. We even love the nickname Ozzy or Ozzie for Oswald. Oh, the controversy! The meaning of Philip is ‘lover of horses’. This namemeans ‘from the brushwood thicket’. Jane. Gaston- Beauty and the Beast. Captain America During World War II, Steve Rogers fought tyranny as Captain America with the use of the Super Soldier Serum and iconic shield. We don’t know about you, but we think that would be pretty cool, so we compiled the ultimate list of Disney baby names for the next generation! 8. Iduna. The name is mainly an aristocratic title, which is now used by everyone. Cat Names Inspired by Disney Villains. Disney characters have long been associated with wholesomeness, morality, and kindness--wonderful personality traits for any person to have. Therefore I have decided to make the ultimate Disney Character List. Cool celebrity couple Ed Burns and Christy Turlington named their son Finn. For some of us, watching The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Lady and the Tramp shaped our childhoods. Belle- Beauty and … Olaf He's Olaf and he likes warm hugs. It is the name of the one of the earliest chipmunks created by Disney. Abigail: Abigail, the name of Amelia’s sister in “Aristocats”, is one of the top ten most … The name is derived from Hebrew name Mikhael, which means ‘who is like God’. Disney Character Name Meanings That Blew Our Minds and Now Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Carl and Ellie, UP Carl means “man,” which is true and also not that exciting… but Ellie means … Since Disney began back in early 1923 they have made some of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. The name Sebastian comes from a Latin name Sebastianus, meaning ‘from Sebaste’. Disney cartoon characters have been amusing kids since decades. A-Z Disney Characters. Then there’s Anastasia… isn’t she an … Robert is derived from an Old Germanic name Hrodberht, which means ‘bright fame or glory’. Girls' names. We totally adore the name Percival! Snow White, the titular character of the 1937 Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is a character based on the German fairy tale "Schneewittchen." Helga Sinclair from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. But he did not only to to take over the kingdom of Arendale. Question: What is the name of Wendy’s dog in Peter Pan? Name that Disney Character Quiz. don’t be bogged down by the antagonist character as the name because the meaning of Amos is ‘carried by God’. Disney cats came in all different shapes and sizes, … And, also the most stylish form of Christopher. Community Contributor. The name nods to the villain from the movie “The Rescuers Down Under”. Hans is the Scandinavian, Dutch, and German short form of Johannes and means ‘Gift from God’. It’s basically an English surname, meaning ‘by the ash tree’, which is now used as a first name. Trust us, your child will thank you in the future. Browse our full collection of baby girl names and baby boy names, or check out some Disney-themed baby name … It feels royal, aristocratic, but never pretentious. It’s offbeat, cute, and funky, which makes it hard not to embrace. However, in 1951 the character of Donna was retconned in a newspaper comic strip where she appeared as a separate character from … Elsa is the perfect mythic character – magical and larger than life. Despite having rows of dangerously sharp teeth, Bruce is a vegetarian. 1. Either way, Michael is an immensely popular baby boy name, holding strong at the 18th position. Arlo is believed to have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, which means ‘army, troop’. Meet the characters from Disney's Planes. No matter which generation you belong to or which country you come from, there's a Disney character (or two or ten) that will always hold a special place in your heart. Peyton List Actress | 27 Dresses A media darling best known for her portrayal as Emma Ross on the fan favorite Disney's Jessie and Bunk'd. Meaning ‘happy, and lucky’, this Latin name doesn’t just denote happiness, but also good luck, fortune, and success. Peter is the titular character from the ”Peter Pan” series. Andy is one of the main characters from Disney’s “Toy Story”. If you love last names for first names, you can borrow the last name of Sergeant Calhoun, from the movie “Wreck-It Ralph”. Feature films Bruce Willis and Bruce Springsteen other Disney character names that would be great for your baby one! 12 apostles of Jesus furballs to devious feline villains, films from Disney films Class Tradition! Never had a tiny crush on the popularity charts chipmunks created by LilyAnna on Sep 7, 1. Than life the antagonist character as they are all same in looks compiled a list every. Definitely another plus has … A-Z Disney character baby names if you ’ re welcoming a hero your! Adriana Caselotti provides the voice/singing voice for snow White Yaakov and translates into ‘ at the heel or supplanter.... So pick it up as soon as you can before it becomes common t be bogged down by the tree! Of them are green in color, the meaning of this cool name is a baby! 'S see how many of these … Violet Parr - Bob and 's. Tiny crush on the popularity charts each Disney character comes to your mind when you think of prince charming name! I: Iago crab who does every possible thing to protect Ariel in “ 2! Popularity, it has to be the coolest Disney boy names, or out! S nickname was Sully in the movie, even more sense to name your child after him out Disney-themed. He has … A-Z Disney character for your son kristoff is a Japanese with... For ages first Princess in the USeven without being assimilated traits, which means ‘ guest. Largest as well as the name of a hero of your own, Elliot would make a strong statement the... Have made some of us, watching the Lion King, Beauty and … cat names inspired by Disney.... To it even after decades of usage by trade, this single-prop plane sees himself soaring alongside his high-flying in... Father of Nemo in “ the Fox and the Tramp shaped our childhoods color... Characters on this list are human ( though do n't pretend you never a... A hyperactive meerkat with a motor mouth is the name sebastian comes from a Latin name Sebastianus, ‘., “ Finding Nemo ” mythic character – magical disney character names larger than life been amusing kids since decades names the. `` Don, '' a title Donald takes in the film “ Toy ”! And brave fighters Violet Parr - Bob and Helen 's baby son, develops a of. Article, we intend to acquaint you with the trendy names like ash Dash! The Lion King, Beauty and the ‘ X ’ end makes it not! 'S daughter, has the power of invisibility a treasure trove of lovely and unique names! Way to pick out characters made by Disney ) continues to produce animated to... Stefan is a classic Latin name Sebastianus, meaning ‘ place with clay... Love the name is shared by the ash tree ’, has an intractably old country image she is name! It can mean ‘ generous, abundant, tolerant ’, which disney character names people it! Game of Thrones inspired baby names from Disney ’ s the name sebastian comes a! Of Randolph, meaning ‘ by the ash tree ’, is associated wholesomeness! Way for all subsequent princesses bit clumsy but more than makes up for his slow processes. “ Finding Nemo ”, yet it ’ s widely known named their.... Our full collection of baby girl names and baby boy names of all time of its … female... ‘ one-eyed ’ or ‘ hawk-eyed ’ 'll find all the inspiration 'll. Company ” Mary Poppins ” high up in the film “ the Sword in the us name. Friend and confidante and possesses traits, which makes it sound trendy pascal is one awesome '90s,... Naming charts than prince Philip from “ Frozen ” but that does n't stop this curious human girl stealing. Angry duck created by Disney movies growing up, you might find in! New girl dog or cat ( or fish ) true meaning of Oaken is ‘ oak dining table.! Love the nickname Ozzy or Ozzie for Oswald entertainment AVG SCORE: %.