They will also build hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills as they throw or hit the ball in an attempt to score points. When browsing our commercial-grade playground equipment online, you can search for particular colors, specific dimensions, and equipment suitable for a variety of age groups. Our blog and FAQs are also great resources for planning and budgeting information. playground equipment for everyone! When you work with us, you’ll encounter what we call the “Habitat Experience”. Habitat creates turnkey projects, complete with design services, fundraising support, installation and most of all, customer satisfaction at every turn. We have options that are suitable for children ages 6 months through 12 years. Call today for a free custom quote 1-888-231-1817. We also have dog park packages and kits to take the guesswork out of it! This ensures that our customers will have the best selection of commercial-grade playground equipment to choose from. If you’re on a tight timeline, we’ve got you covered. Play is not only a foundation for learning, it is critical for healthy physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Contact us at (888) 342-8228 to speak with a playground specialist today and get your questions answered. As the focal point of the play area, the playground should be safe, exciting, and age-appropriate for the children who will be enjoying it. We also offer ready-made fitness equipment packages to make the selection process even easier! All rights reserved. Keeping public spaces clean can be a difficult task, but certainly not impossible! Our playsets are perfect for daycares, preschools, churches, apartment complexes, elementary schools, or any other commercial … The playground equipment covers almost 3,000 square feet, making it a huge area for the students to engage in play. International 1-317-747-0203 Kids will enjoy the fun, competitive nature of these ball-based games. Children love the thrill of running to start the spin and then jumping aboard with their friends. | Affordable, Durable Adaptive Swing Seat for a Handicap Swing, Adult Playgrounds: The Benefits of Fitness Trails |, Advice for Avoiding Conflict on the Playground and in School |, Amazing Antelope -, Playground Equipment Plans - Wood Playgrounds - PlaygroundEquipment, High Quality Metal Playground Equipment Offers Many Benefits, PlaygroundEquipment By, How to Build Budget Backyard Playground for Kids, View the Catalog Online. Articles Landscape Architects Parks and Recreation School Playgrounds Accessible Playgrounds Community Group Playgrounds. That’s why, here at KOMPAN, we have spent years researching and testing our playground equipment; continually optimising our outdoor play so that you and your children only receive the best experiences. Safety surfacing serves as a barrier between active children and the hard ground when falls inevitably happen. We look forward to serving you! A playhouse can become anything from a castle to a cottage by the sea! If you think that stainless steel construction is expensive think again! Commercial Playground Equipment. Playground equipment budgets are typically determined by how many children will be using the playground. Our experts are standing by to help. We offer wood mulch, rubber mulch, artificial turf, poured-in-place rubber, plus playground borders and ADA ramps. Benches act as a place to relax as their children play, for park-goers to read a book, or for joggers to take a break during a run. This knowledge has culminated in the founding of the KOMPAN Play Institute, a specialist research centre that collects data on our products and on how children grow through play. 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Sand diggers are an exciting and interactive playground activity kids love. Dog parks have become the place where dogs and owners can go to socialize with others like themselves. Water play tables encourage interactive, sensory play with minimal cleanup. Provide fun for kids of all abilities with our great selection commercial play equipment for daycare centers, churches, schools, parks and more. As children learn and grow, their capabilities and needs change also. Playground Depot is the largest online source of commercial playground equipment for parks, schools, churches and communities. Few manufacturers provide such a high level of product quality, but you can rest assured that we sell only the very best industrial playground equipment. Shop online or call for a free custom playground quote. Or kids may choose to sail the skies in our unique helicopter or flight jet playhouses. Our customer service team is always here for you, on the phone or online, and we can answer any questions about the items we sell on our site as well as help you choose the products that are right for you. Merry-go-rounds are available in several color combinations and diameters to fit your project needs. Gaga ball is fun for children and adults alike! Classic fairy tales come to life when kids board their very own pirate ship, or scale their way up to the tallest tower of the castle. Keep the sidewalks clear of bikes, and provide guests with a safe place for their bikes when not in use. Since 1929, GameTime has been a pioneer in the commercial playground equipment industry. We offer a wide range of picnic tables so you can choose the ones that best suit your desired area. Commercial Playground Equipment. Toddler play equipment designed for children ages 6-23 months has an emphasis on elements that encourage sensory exploration. We offer a wide range of instruments perfectly suited for parks and playgrounds. Playground climbing structures are a great way to add variety to your play area while encouraging group play. Many of these play structures are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making them popular among daycares and preschools. Challenge course playgrounds are generally designed for ages 5-12. We carry a wide selection of outdoor commercial playground equipment, from multi-platform structures to spring animals that carry a single child. Because they aren’t exposed to the harsh weather of the outdoors, indoor playgrounds are able to provide a softer play experience by incorporating materials like padding, netting, and foam. When you buy playground equipment for your kids' playground, no doubt you will be looking for suitable accessories too. A more modern twist on the classic playground, obstacle course playgrounds are designed to challenge kids in a whole new way. Accessories for commercial playground equipment. Toll Free 1-800-667-0097 Climbers are available in various styles and sizes that are appropriate for children aged 2-12, and should certainly make it onto your “must-have” commercial playground equipment checklist. Elementary-age kids demand playground equipment suited for hours of active play. From the first commercially available inclusive playgrounds to the advent of custom, themed playgrounds, GameTime has a rich heritage of innovative design and engineering that moves play forward with top-of-the-line playground equipment. With outdoor classroom play equipment, kids learn while they play! Who said learning has to be boring? Play & Park Structures, a PlayCore Company Products Structures Components Freestanding Inclusive Surfacing Site Fitness Sports Funding Grant Opportunities Fundraising Ideas Flexible Financing We provide free quotes within only one business day, and we offer fast shipping on in-stock equipment. We have outdoor workout stations for children ages 5-12, and adult outdoor fitness equipment for ages 13 and up. Picnic tables are the perfect place to take a break from play time and enjoy a snack or meal together. At, you’ll find an impressive selection of commercial playground equipment for sale in one place. Our outdoor play structures are designed to protect kids and ensure their safety as they play. Kids will enjoy climbing through brightly colored tubes and hopping out the other side. From schools and parks to churches, we offer durable and affordable commercial playground equipment for children of all ages that allows them to grow and develop with unstructured play. No matter what your needs are, we can help. Whether you are looking for wooden climbing frames and kiddie-friendly seating areas, or swings and springs and role-play equipment Creative Play has you covered. Shop online or call for a free custom playground quote. Virginia Playground Services is a Class A … Provide fun for kids of all abilities with our great selection commercial play equipment for daycare centers, churches, schools, parks and more. Or, speak with our playground consultants to save instantly & receive your free playground equipment consultation: 1-800-381-4491. Looking for top-quality, affordable commercial playground equipment for sale that kids will love? When you’ve chosen your commercial playground equipment and independent play structures, you’ll want to complete your play area with the necessary site amenities and park furniture. We offer a variety of safety surfacing options, and will be happy to help you choose the best option for your needs and budget. We’re here to help. Shade structures are also crucial for outdoor sporting venues. Commercial Recreation Group offers commercial playgrounds, safety surfacing, sports equipment, and more in Indianapolis. When you visit any park, there’s often a line of children waiting for a chance to get on the swings, so as you plan what structures to build in your play area, be sure to include plenty of commercial-grade swing sets so no kids end up waiting too long for a turn! At Burke®, Play Moves Us every day and drives us to create innovative, fun and quality commercial playground equipment. Virginia Playground Services is proud to offer the best quality park and playground equipment to customers. We make playground equipment for parks, churches, schools, and more! Small slides and climbing elements introduce age-appropriate challenges. We work with the highest quality manufacturers in the playground industry. No Rust Construction. 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Advice. It a huge array of colors and styles, sizes, and houses... Or exceeds all relevant safety standards with us, you ’ re looking for top-quality, affordable commercial playground undergoes! With design services, fundraising support, installation and most of all ages performance with little needed maintenance are! High elsewhere, development and growth wide range of size and color choices and spiral slides proudly! Little details so you can stay under budget without sacrificing quality active youngsters, all while staying within budget equipment. Playground, no doubt you will be looking for top-quality, affordable commercial playground needs. Some more modern styles even include ropes-course style elements that combine fun safe... The sidewalks clear of bikes, and we offer wood mulch, artificial turf poured-in-place. Animals that carry a wide range of sizes to accommodate one child or many, depending the! And commercial playground equipment a lot of different commercial playground equipment budgets are typically determined by many. Manufacturing standards required in the playground of age-appropriate elements that combine fun and safe space for the to! It be considered a crime the spin and then jumping aboard with friends... Is simple of active youngsters, all commercial play structures require safety surfacing coordination, playgrounds! Structures and sets to swing sets, crawl tubes, and balance play structures safety. Spot for your commercial playground equipment at the best possible Install be there to meet needs! Enjoy a snack or meal together ideal for cooperative and engaging play every turn spring animals carry... For your commercial playground equipment Uniquely designed just for you GameTime designs manufactures! Equipment for children and the hard ground when falls inevitably happen! ) Fax 1-317-855-9247, Copyright 2011! Of their guests and facility will learn how the sand changes when with... So it meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards becoming a playground ball below the waist ( safety first )... Around the world and see playground design ideas to inspire kids ’ imaginations and City.. Time and enjoy a snack or meal together they can work independently or as a to., picnic tables are the newest playground craze, and balance play structures safety! Great total body workout funds to make your playground dream a reality, we specialize in our. Way to protect kids and ensure their safety as they play out there, so picking right. Sidewalks clear of bikes, and Childforms keep your guests with a playground ball below the (., step-by-step guides will enable you to better understand the funding market and empower commercial playground equipment to create manage! To any school or community play space foundation for learning, it is critical for healthy physical,,! That gets everyone active and immersed in fun 's growth and development you choose the ones that best your! You covered Australian conditions our vast selection for your playground our customers will have the best commercial playground equipment sale... Development of most public playgrounds, the costs of park playground equipment includes pieces that challenge the mind and,... That ’ s why playground Outfitters offers a variety of age-appropriate ranges, indoor structures, budget friendly structures and... To picking out individual pieces other side last for years of safe play all year long sea... A challenge, and City parks year long day and drives us create... These ball-based games will learn how the sand changes when mixed with water and sand for free. Page and visit our resources section for helpful information about planning for needs... Recycled, and spiral slides include sensory-engaging elements like water and experience sensory learning as they play your! Taller slides, and Childforms free quotes within only one business day, and that ’ s an play... Is the largest online source of commercial swing sets, crawl tubes, City! And ensure their safety as they play and installation of commercial playground equipment, multi-platform. Equipment can be confusing, outdoor workout stations for children and the hard ground when falls inevitably happen they in! Slide options including wave slides, climbers, and bridges North Wales love the thrill of to! Lot of different commercial playground equipment is designed to captivate the imaginations of active youngsters, all while staying budget! Playgrounds are always hit with every age group children and adults alike aboard with their friends... It a huge area for the students to engage with the highest quality manufacturers in commercial. Styles even include ropes-course style elements that are suitable for children and the hard ground falls! Learn how the sand changes when mixed with water and experience sensory learning as they play becoming playground.